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Predictive analytics for smart cities

Online predictive model for post-disaster traffic conditions

An online algorithm for traffic flow prediction that requires minimal computational capacity, successfully tested on the Woolsey fire in California, following which traffic patterns significantly changed.

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Recursive Traffic Flow Predictions with Faulty Sensors

A predictive model for traffic flows at locations with faulty sensors, solely by using traffic measurements from neighboring sensors.

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Machine learning-based optimization and control

Fast reliability analysis for bridge networks

A deep learning framework to faciliate seismic analysis of bridge networks.

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Surrogate-based probabilistic control of power systems

A fast surrogate-based probabilistic voltage control for power systems with many distributed generation units.

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Physics-based deep learning

Deep learning solution for random PDEs

A new solution approach for high dimensional random PDEs based on a feed-forward fully-connected deep residual network, with either strong or weak enforcement of initial and boundary constraints.

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Physics-driven regularization of deep neural networks

A DNN training approach that utilizes the known governing laws (in the form of PDEs) and regularizes DNN models by penalizing divergence form those laws.

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Connected and autonomous vehicles

Efficient data collection from connected vehicles

A collection scheme that selects and transmits only a small subset of data to alleviate data transmission burden and still meet precision requirement, successfully tested on the 10,000 connected vehicle trips in the Safety Pilot Model Deployment dataset.

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